As we slide through another month (where is the year going, we all ask!) we reflect on colours and textures that perk us up over the wet month of May. Colours can change our mood, our focus, and impact our mental health. Here’s how to make the most of them.

Chair on left – Ola by Boss Design. Chair on right – Axyl by Senator.


Green is easy on the eyes, literally. We have three types of colour receptors in our eyes, called cone cells. These cone cells see red, green, and blue easily, and green, since it falls in the middle of the spectrum of light we see, is easy for us to perceive (unless you are colourblind, of course). Green is associated with calming properties, which is why many schools, hospitals, and medical buildings are green inside.

Table on left – ACDC  by Boss Design.

Red and Orange

Red and orange are warm colours that can increase the sensation of heat and warmth. Red walls or clothing draw our attention and can be a sign of warning. Red can also be associated with aggression, as well as stimulation and passion. Orange and red are also associated with hunger and food, though some studies have shown that people eat less when food is put on a red plate (noted for my own house!)

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