Discover the All-Embracing Spirit of PANTONE 13-1023 and Its Impact on Design

PANTONE 13-1023 Peach Fuzz is a specific shade of peach that was described by Pantone in the context of their Colour of the Year selection. The description you provided captures the essence of this colour and the emotions it aims to evoke.

According to Pantone, Peach Fuzz is characterised as a velvety, gentle peach tone. The colour is chosen to symbolise our desire for nurturing ourselves and others, enriching the mind, body, and soul. It is described as having an all-embracing spirit that reflects warmth and modern elegance.

The choice of this shade is explained in terms of its ability to resonate with compassion, offering a tactile embrace. Additionally, Pantone suggests that Peach Fuzz effortlessly bridges the youthful with the timeless, making it a versatile and emotionally resonant colour.

In practical terms, this colour could be used in various design applications, such as fashion, interior design, graphic design, and more. Designers often consider the psychological impact of colours when incorporating them into different contexts, and Peach Fuzz, as described by Pantone, is likely to convey a sense of comfort, connection, and contemporary elegance.

Incorporating Peach Fuzz (PANTONE 13-1023) into your office space interior can bring warmth, comfort, and a sense of connection. Here are some ideas on how to pair Peach Fuzz with your office design:

Accent Walls: Consider painting one or more accent walls in Peach Fuzz. This adds a pop of colour without overwhelming the entire space.

Furniture: Introduce Peach Fuzz through furniture pieces like chairs, sofas, or lounge seating. This can create inviting and comfortable areas within the office.

Collaboration Spaces: Apply Peach Fuzz to collaborative spaces or breakout areas. It encourages a comfortable and inviting environment for teamwork and social interactions.

Colour Combinations: Pair Peach Fuzz with complementary colours. For example, soft blues, greens, or neutral tones can balance the warmth of Peach Fuzz and create a harmonious colour scheme.

Workspace Accessories: Introduce Peach Fuzz through office supplies or desk accessories. This subtle touch can be an easy and cost-effective way to infuse the colour into individual workspaces.

Remember that the key is to strike a balance. Too much of any colour can be overwhelming, so consider the size of your office space and how much Peach Fuzz you want to incorporate to achieve the desired effect. Additionally, ensure that the colour complements your overall brand identity and the atmosphere you want to create in your workplace.

Reach out to our team for advice and guidance on colour matching

Welcome to Legacy Wealth’s New Office in the Heart of Belfast

Whitespace NI is proud to announce the grand opening of Legacy Wealth’s new office situated in the bustling heart of Belfast. This marks a significant milestone for their company, and they are excited to provide an even more comprehensive and fully independent financial planning capability for their clients. At Legacy Wealth, they believe in tailoring their services to meet the unique needs of each individual client. Legacy’s work is characterised by a commitment to rigorous methodologies, ensuring the highest standards in financial planning.

The journey to this new office involved the transformation of a beautiful building on Chichester Street into a high-end workspace. Whitespace spared no effort in creating the ultimate welcome space. The reception area boasts luxury soft seating, feature lighting, and wood panelling, setting the tone for a sophisticated and inviting atmosphere.

Spanning over five floors, this new office provides a range of workstations and seating for the team. Collaboration spaces on each floor, complete with soft acoustic dividers, offer the perfect environment for team members to connect and enjoy coffee breaks.

In the canteen, we utilised Allermuir Axyl seating and tables, incorporating a pop of colour to align with Legacy’s branding guidelines. The boardroom on the top floor features the elegant Boss Design Coza meeting chair, creating a modern yet professional vibe. The breath taking views from this floor add an extra touch of grandeur to important meetings.

To infuse a sustainable feel, we strategically incorporated wood acoustic panelling throughout the building. This not only enhances the aesthetic but also reflects our commitment to environmental responsibility.

Understanding the challenges of relocation, Whitespace offered storage and removal services to assist the team in moving seamlessly from their previous location to this remarkable new building.

Overall, the Legacy Wealth team is delighted with the outcome of this endeavour. The new office not only reflects their commitment to excellence in financial planning but also provides a welcoming and inspiring space for both clients and team members.

Antrim Borough Council Refresh

We are thrilled to share the transformation of the welcoming space at Antrim Borough Council Building, where we provided a diverse range of soft seating to create an inviting reception for all users. The Bastille seating family, consisting of dining, lounge, and bar stool options, was chosen for its minimalist yet luxurious aesthetic. Our preference was the lounge-style single seat with elegant Camira upholstery.

Introducing the contemporary Jinx sofa style, we revolutionised the concept of low seating. Jinx embodies the epitome of comfort suitable for various environments. Its innovative design challenges conventional structural formations, offering architectural freedom with geometric forms and defining angular lines.

To enhance flexibility, we incorporated the Haven bench by Allermuir, creating a modular break-out space. Additionally, our re-upholstery service transformed existing soft seating with the use of Camira Craggan Flax fabric. The warmly welcoming Craggan Flax adds a homely touch to any interior, with its deeply textured and thickly woven characteristics. This sustainable fabric, crafted from a blend of wool and flax, retains the raw appeal of natural composition while embracing a contemporary aesthetic with a stylized chunky weave texture.

In conclusion, both whitespace and ANBC express their utmost satisfaction with the newly transformed, welcoming space.

Exploring Innovation A Visit to Bisley Ireland Studio in Dublin

Our recent team excursion to Dublin for a lunch and learn session at Bisley Ireland’s studio was a journey into the world of cutting-edge office solutions. With over eighty years of expertise, Bisley has consistently pioneered innovative products that cater to the ever-evolving demands of the modern workplace. What started as a modest one-man car repair business in 1931 has transformed into the powerhouse behind the latest and ingenious Belong Collection. At the core of Bisley’s ethos lies an unapologetic passion for storage, seamlessly woven into every facet of their work.

Collaboration for a Comprehensive Office Experience:

Bisley Ireland has strategically collaborated with several manufacturers, a move designed to provide partners like us at whitespace with a broader spectrum of office furniture. This partnership enables us to offer our clients a diverse range of solutions, aligning perfectly with the dynamic requirements of contemporary office spaces. From lockers to office storage, soft seating to pods, Bisley’s offerings seamlessly integrate into our commitment to providing innovative designs and fostering collaborative environments.

Highlights of the Studio Visit:

During our visit, the team was introduced to a myriad of solutions that underscored Bisley’s commitment to functionality, aesthetics, and adaptability. The studio showcased not only their iconic storage solutions but also the latest additions to their product line-up. Our first-hand experience included exploring innovative lockers, dynamic office storage solutions, inviting soft seating arrangements, and state-of-the-art pods – a testament to the versatility and depth of Bisley’s offerings.

Whitespace: Your Partner in Office Transformation:

As partners with Bisley Ireland, whitespace is proud to bring these cutting-edge solutions to the forefront of office design. Whether you are planning a comprehensive office renovation or seeking individualized elements to enhance your workspace, whitespace, in collaboration with Bisley, has the right solution for you. Our team is poised to guide you through the possibilities, ensuring that your office space is not only functional but also reflects the spirit of innovation that defines the modern workplace.

Explore the future of office design with Bisley Ireland and whitespace. To learn more about the products featured in this blog or to discuss how they can elevate your workspace, please contact us at Embark on a journey of innovation and transformation with Bisley and whitespace – where every detail is crafted to meet the evolving needs of your working world.

Creating a Warm and Welcoming Reception Area for Your Business

First impressions matter, and in the world of business, your reception area is often the first point of contact for clients, customers, and visitors. A welcoming reception area can set a positive tone for your business and leave a lasting impression. Whether you run a small start-up or a large corporation, designing a reception area that exudes warmth and professionalism is essential. In this blog post, we’ll guide you through the steps to create a welcoming reception area that reflects your company’s values and ensures a memorable experience for everyone who walks through your doors.

Define Your Brand Identity

Before you start decorating, it’s crucial to understand your brand identity and values. Your reception area should align with your company’s mission, culture, and overall aesthetic. Consider your logo, colour scheme, and brand messaging. This will serve as the foundation for your design choices.

Choose the Right Location

The location of your reception area within your business space matters. Ideally, it should be easily accessible from the entrance and visible to anyone entering your premises. Ensure that it’s well-lit and not tucked away in a dark corner.

Comfortable Seating

Comfortable seating is a must. Choose stylish, ergonomic furniture that suits your brand’s image. Consider providing a mix of seating options, such as sofas, armchairs, and a few individual chairs, to accommodate different preferences.

Engaging Decor

The decor in your reception area should be both visually appealing and engaging. Incorporate artwork, plants, or other decorative elements that reflect your brand’s personality. You can also display awards, achievements, or a gallery of your company’s history to build credibility.

Welcoming Reception Desk

The reception desk is the focal point of your reception area. Ensure it’s well-designed, and your receptionist is friendly and approachable. Equip the desk with essential tools such as a computer, phone, and visitor logbook to streamline operations.

Thoughtful Lighting

Proper lighting sets the mood and enhances the overall atmosphere. Consider a mix of natural and artificial light sources. Install fixtures that create a warm and inviting ambiance. Dimmable lights can help you adjust the lighting to suit different times of the day.

Creating a welcoming reception area in your business is not just about aesthetics; it’s about making a positive first impression and reinforcing your brand’s identity. By considering these 6 tips and tailoring them to your company’s unique needs, you can design a reception area that not only welcomes visitors but also reflects the professionalism and values of your business. Remember that a well-designed reception area can go a long way in building strong relationships with clients and leaving a memorable impression on all who walk through your doors.

Contact our team to discuss renovating or creating your reception space. We provide a free survey and have a fantastic reception portfolio.

World Mental Health Day

World Mental Health Day is on 10 October 2023. It’s a day to raise awareness of mental health problems. But more and more of us are aware of mental health. And so many of us still aren’t getting the right support. Mental Health First Aid is a valuable resource for any workplace, fostering a culture of understanding and empathy. Have you ever considered having a Mental Health First Aider within your workspace? It’s a small but impactful step towards a more supportive and mentally healthy environment. 🤝💙

Absolutely, raising awareness of mental health issues is essential, but taking concrete actions to support mental health is equally crucial. Here are some key reasons highlighting the importance of having a Mental Health First Aider in the workplace:

  1. Early Intervention: Mental Health First Aiders are trained to recognise the early signs and symptoms of mental health issues. Their presence can help identify and address problems before they escalate.
  2. Reduced Stigma: Having a designated Mental Health First Aider helps reduce the stigma around mental health. When employees see that their organisation prioritises mental well-being, they are more likely to seek help without fear of judgment.
  3. Supportive Environment: Mental Health First Aiders create a supportive and empathetic workplace culture. Knowing that there’s someone available to listen and provide guidance can boost employee morale.
  4. Faster Recovery: Timely support from a Mental Health First Aider can expedite an individual’s recovery process. This can lead to reduced absenteeism and increased productivity.
  5. Resource Linkage: Mental Health First Aiders can connect employees with appropriate resources and professionals, ensuring they receive the right support.
  6. Training Opportunities: Having a Mental Health First Aider opens opportunities for mental health awareness training for all employees. This empowers the entire workforce to better understand and support one another.
  7. Legal and Ethical Responsibility: Many regions and organisations have recognised the legal and ethical responsibility to provide a mentally healthy workplace. Having a Mental Health First Aider demonstrates a commitment to fulfilling this obligation.
  8. Positive Impact on Bottom Line: Prioritising mental health can lead to increased employee retention and satisfaction, ultimately positively impacting the company’s bottom line.

Creating a safe and healthy workspace is essential for the well-being of every individual who walks through our doors. At Whitespace, we prioritise mental health and actively promote it among our dedicated team members.

Meet Julie, our trusted Mental Health First Aider. She’s here to lend a listening ear, offer support, and provide guidance to our employees whenever they need it. 💚

If you need advice on training courses available for your workspace, please contact or call M: 07947 489 342.

Exploring Innovative Office Renovation Ideas with SurfaceWOW

In the bustling heart of Dublin, our team embarked on an exciting journey to discover fresh ideas for office renovations. We had the pleasure of participating in a Lunch & Learn session with SurfaceWOW, and let me tell you, it was nothing short of WOW!

SurfaceWOW welcomed us into their stunning showroom, a veritable treasure trove of innovative and attention-grabbing materials designed for walls and surfaces. As we delved into the presentation, we were immediately captivated by the endless possibilities these materials offered for transforming workspaces into vibrant, mood-enhancing havens, all while reinforcing a business’s unique branding.

The first thing that struck us was the sheer diversity of materials on display, each with its own distinctive charm and potential. Whether you’re aiming to inject a burst of colour into your workspace or seeking to add textured depth to your walls, SurfaceWOW had a solution that caught our attention.

One standout product that truly left us in awe was the Moss wall – a brilliant and sustainable addition to any workspace. The idea of bringing greenery into the office without the hassle of maintenance instantly won us over. Picture a lush, vibrant wall of moss that not only brings nature indoors but also contributes to a serene and eco-friendly environment. The best part? You can choose from a spectrum of colours to match your office’s aesthetic perfectly.

The concept of low maintenance combined with the aesthetics of the Moss wall had us sold. It’s a game-changer for those seeking to revamp their office spaces while ensuring they remain inviting and stress-free environments.


Our Lunch & Learn with SurfaceWOW ignited a flurry of creative ideas for office renovations. From reimagining meeting rooms to revamping common areas, the possibilities seemed endless. We came away inspired, with our minds buzzing with ways to implement these innovative designs in our own workspace.

If your workspace needs a refreshing energy boost or you’re eager to explore the world of office renovations, we encourage you to get in touch with us. Our dedicated team is committed to staying at the forefront of the latest design trends and sourcing innovative processes to ensure your workspace aligns perfectly with your requirements, whether that’s budget constraints or the desire for a distinctive visual identity.


Don’t hesitate to reach out to us today. Let’s embark on a journey to transform your workspace into a vibrant, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing hub of productivity. Together, we’ll bring your vision to life, one innovative idea at a time. Contact our team today and let the transformation begin!

Back to School: Elevate Learning Environments with New Education Furniture!

📚🏫 Back to School: Elevate Learning Environments with New Education Furniture! 🏫📚

As the summer sun shines down and schools take a well-deserved break, we’re excited to introduce you to our latest range of education furniture! While the students and teachers enjoy their summer vacations (not jealous at all), it’s the perfect time for schools and colleges to consider upgrading their learning spaces.

At Whitespace, we understand the importance of providing an inspiring and conducive environment for students to learn and grow. That’s why we’re here to highlight the benefits of refreshing your school furniture and how it can positively impact everyone in your educational community, from students to teachers and even visitors.

🌟 Enhance Learning Experience: The right furniture can significantly influence students’ focus, comfort, and overall learning experience. Imagine bright, ergonomic workstations that encourage productivity and creativity, creating an atmosphere of enthusiasm and knowledge-seeking.

🍃 Bringing the Outdoors In: Nature has a profound impact on learning and mental well-being. Our outdoor furniture options help you create refreshing outdoor learning spaces, enabling students to connect with nature and engage in outdoor educational activities.


📚 Curating Functional Libraries: A well-designed library is a treasure trove of knowledge. We offer a variety of library furniture that combines functionality with aesthetics, creating a serene reading haven for students to explore the world through books.

💡 Planning for the Future: If you’re working towards building a new educational facility or renovating your existing space, our team of experts is here to assist you every step of the way. Let’s collaborate to bring your vision to life and create a school that inspires generations to come.

🌈 Versatile Range for Every Space: No matter the educational level, we have you covered with our comprehensive range of education furniture. From secondary schools to higher education institutions, we offer specialised solutions for every area of your school – workstations for classrooms, inviting canteen spaces, collaborative seating for group discussions, outdoor furniture for recreation, well-equipped gym furniture, and cozy library nooks.

🤝 Collaborative Spaces: Fostering collaboration and teamwork is essential for a modern educational environment. Our furniture solutions promote group interactions, making it easier for students to work together, share ideas, and develop essential social skills.

At Whitespace, we believe that investing in quality education furniture is an investment in the future. Our products are crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail, ensuring durability and aesthetics go hand in hand. Plus, our team is well-versed in space planning, ensuring every nook and cranny of your school is optimised for functionality and efficiency.


Don’t miss the opportunity to make a lasting impression on your students and staff. Get in touch with our team today to explore our education furniture solutions and plan your school’s future with confidence.

📞 Contact us: 028 9045 2864


Together, let’s create an inspiring educational space that nurtures growth, learning, and success!

New Products Exclusively to Whitespace

We are delighted to present the latest collection of cutting-edge furniture products that are revolutionising the world of commercial interiors. Designed to seamlessly blend functionality, style, and comfort, these exclusive pieces are poised to become the new trendsetters in the industry.


These new furniture collections combine contemporary aesthetics with practical functionality, catering to the evolving needs of commercial interiors. With an emphasis on quality craftsmanship and attention to detail, these exclusive products to Whitespace are set to redefine the standards of modern interior design. Experience the future of furniture with Whitespace and transform your spaces into inspiring and inviting environments.

Exploring the Vibrant World of Furniture Design at London’s Clerkenwell Design Week.

Farringdon’s annual Clerkenwell Design Week is an exciting event that brings together furniture enthusiasts, designers, and suppliers from around the UK. This year, we had the privilege of attending the event and immersing ourselves in the latest trends and innovation in workspace furniture. From reconnecting with familiar suppliers to discovering new talents, we were captivated by the displays, the atmosphere, and the opportunity to envision stylish and functional workspaces. Join us as we take you on a journey through this remarkable event and share some of our favourite furniture pieces that caught our attention.

A Showcase of Cutting-Edge Design: 

Clerkenwell Design Week presented a splendid array of the latest trends in workspace furniture. From sleek and minimalist designs to bold and ergonomic creations, the event showcased an impressive amalgamation of form and function. The atmosphere buzzed with creative energy as designers pushed boundaries and explored new materials, shapes, and concepts. 

Reconnecting with Existing Suppliers: 

One of the highlights of the event was the chance to meet up with our existing furniture suppliers. It provided an excellent opportunity to discuss ongoing projects, explore new collaborations, and gain insights into the latest developments in the industry. Building and maintaining strong relationships with suppliers is crucial in delivering exceptional results to our clients, and CDW served as the perfect platform for fostering these connections. 

Embracing the Furniture Trends: 

As we strolled through the streets in Farringdon, the glorious sunny weather added an extra layer of enjoyment to our experience, particularly as we explored the charming neighbourhood of Clerkenwell. Among the myriad of furniture trends we witnessed, several key themes stood out: 

Sustainability: Eco-friendly materials and sustainable production methods took centre stage, reflecting a growing commitment to environmental consciousness within the industry. 


Versatility: Flexible and adaptable furniture solutions were prominently featured, catering to the evolving needs of modern workspaces, where versatility is essential. 


Ergonomics: Designs that prioritise comfort and well-being were prevalent, showcasing the increasing awareness of the impact of furniture on the physical and mental health of employees. 


Collaborative Spaces: Open and collaborative work environments were emphasised, with furniture arrangements encouraging communication, teamwork, and creativity. 

Our visit to Clerkenwell was an exhilarating experience that allowed us to witness the cutting-edge trends in workspace furniture design. From reconnecting with existing suppliers to discovering new talent, the event provided us with valuable insights and inspiration for creating exceptional workspaces. If you are considering renovating your workspace and want to incorporate the latest trends and designs, our dedicated team is here to assist you. Reach out to us to explore the possibilities of transforming. 


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