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Whitespace is best know for fitting out offices and selling commercial office furniture but another of our fields of expertise is in the design, supply and installation of mezzanine floors.  A mezzanine floor is a freestanding structure constructed between the main floors of a business or in high-ceilinged spaces to act as an intermediate floor.  They are installed to maximise unused vertical space, providing additional space above and below for businesses to grow organically without relocating.  Manufactured from steel, mezzanines are custom designed to suit the building they are going into but generally are installed in a grid system of columns and overhead steel beams connected together with steel joists or purlins.  They can easily be dismantled and relocated allowing full flexibility in the work space.  Over the years whitespace has installed mezzanines in a wide variety of market sectors to provide first floor offices, additional retail space, commercial gym space, and production and storage spaces in industrial settings.  The strangest request we had was to install one in a church!  Depending on the setting we can finish the mezzanine to industrial standards or with higher grade finishes of staircase and handrails, a variety of partitions, fire rated ceilings, full electrics, floor covering, and painting and decoration. 

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