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5 Tips for Home Office spaces ...

5 Tips for Home Office spaces ...
5 Tips for Home Office spaces ...

1. Keep your routine

Decide on what your working hours will be and stick to them. Get dressed like you would for work (PJ Fridays might be acceptable!) and maintain your usual tea & lunch breaks. 


2. Posture check in

Research has found that regardless of how much you exercise, sitting can still put you at risk of injury. The term ergonomics generally refers to the practice of fitting your job to your body. This means tailoring not only your desk and computer equipment to your body, but your entire range of working habits as well.  


3. Fresh air and day light breaks

It can be so easy to get distracted that you avoid breaks altogether. Don't let the guilt of working in the building you sleep in prevent you from taking five to relax. Rather than just opening YouTube and watching some comfort clips, however, use your breaks to get away from your desk. Do light exercise in your garden or spend time with others who might also be in the house.


4. Get digitally connected

Working from home might help you focus on your work in the short term, but it can also make you feel cut off the larger operation happening in the office. Instant messaging and videoconferencing tools can make it easy to check in with coworkers and remind you how your work is contributing to the big picture or it can be a fun game of virtual family bingo on a Friday night!


5. Stay organised

Spending time figuring out what you'll do today can take away from actually doing those things. And, you'll have planned your task list so recently that you can be tempted to change your schedule on the fly.

It's important to let your agenda change if you need it to, but it's equally as important to commit to an agenda that outlines every assignment before you begin. Try solidifying your schedule the day before, making it feel more official when you wake up the next day to get started on it. This also applies to your home environment, keeping your work and life balance organised can reduce stress.



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