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The office will always have a place, but its use will change.

More than ever, workplaces now will be used for collaboration, face-to-face meetings, brand engagement and culture-building.

We all know great things happen when people come together, but you can't mandate that they do - it won't work.

The workspace experience needs to be attractive enough that talent wants to return. They need to be empowered to make their own choices about where to work based on the task in hand.

Developed to meet this need, Portals is a flexible family of individual protected working spaces connected to the buzz, but with sufficient privacy and space to complete productive work.

Recognizing the need for adaptability, Portals has future flexibility designed in from the start so it can be reconfigured as the office adapts to future needs.

With 24 interchangeable sizes available, it meets the needs of many users and tasks through a variety of spaces, from small touchdown perches to larger desks and options for wheelchair users.

The plug and play range harmonizes with other pods & booths in the Spacestor range and comes factory-built with integrated lighting.

If you're interested in specifying PORTAL for your workspace get in touch Contact Us  or view our Brochure


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