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Workpod Week

Is this the end of office collaboration?

Quite simply, no. The whole concept of communal workspace within the office has gone through a major revolution.  Following the governments advice of 1 meter social distancing you can still create open plan workstations and maintain a co working workspace. Ultimate goal? A safe working environment of course! We have listed our favorite work booths to support this in your office.


1)  Haven Pod by Senator

Haven Pod

Haven Pods nestle and tessellate to maximize available space, allowing the creation of a community of environments and destinations. Haven Pods are ideal for either an individual within a desk based environment looking for a space to focus or for teams to gather for impromptu meetings.


2)  Mango by Boss Design


Striking the perfect balance between privacy and ergonomics, Mango allows its user to comfortably escape distractions for extended periods of time without the need to leave the room.  Mango also fits seamlessly into public areas, including airport lounges, waiting areas, and hotel lobbies, offering users a private space to work, touchdown or relax.


3)  Railway Carriage by Spacestor

Railway Carriage.

An innovative modular meeting pod reinventing the modern workspace. Fully customisable, its innovative design enhances efficiency, creativity and feel-good factor in your workspace.


4)  Mote by Senator


Mote responds to the demands of dynamic work environments; versatile, reconfigurable spaces for meeting, learning, focusing, or relaxing. No detail is an afterthought, with every inch having been given careful consideration to reclaim redundant space.


For more information on breakout or contract furniture click here

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