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How are you making your workspace more adaptable?

Flexibility in any workplace is required more now than ever. That being said, we have provided a few options to get you started!


Use mobile partitioning to divide large areas in open spaces. The benefit? You can switch up your workspace daily! You can create zoning for as many people as you yourself. Host a Friday meeting with everyone in your team and adjust after for small groups. Simple, easy and highly cost effective that building or introducing fix partitions.

Spacestor PalasidesSpacestor partitions

Above images Palisades ||


Guide from the floor up. Designing for distance provides modular flooring solutions. Help your employees understand the zoning areas by using floor signs or dedicated colouring/design carpet or vinyl tiles. 

IVC Floor DesignIVC

Above images Interface & IVC


Introduce innovative furniture. Wherever you can consider mobile furniture too. Senator's Famiglia range provides a one stop workstation at home or in the office. The Famiglia family includes a collection of low, mid, high back and lounge chairs that between them offer a choice of metal or wooden legs and 5 star bases. Our whitespace team find it to be the perfect Zoom station!

Famiglia chairFamiglia chair

Above images Famiglia FMG307 & FMG207


Provide personal storage for your team. This simple introduction (if you don't have it already) reduces the risk of spreading any germs or infection. It provides peace of mind for both employee and any visitors to your business. 

Bisley PALBisley PALBisley PALBisley ShadowBisley shadow

Above images Bisley PAL & Bisley Shadow




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