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Healthy At Home - Keeping Your Homeworkers Safe.

Did you know your duty of care to your staff doesn’t stop at the office door?

Businesses that can facilitate homeworking need policies to make sure they manage the hazards effectively such as a remote worker using the family sofa or the dining table & chairs as their new workstation.

Risk assessment
As a manager/employer the main risk assessment issues you need to consider are:
- work environment
- work equipment

A risk assessment template compiled by the Health & Safety Executive can be found here. You should also consider telling your employer’s liability insurance company that you’re arranging remote working for your staff.

Work environment
You should apply similar furniture and equipment standards to a home workstation as you would in an office. An adjustable chair will normally be needed.

It should be designed to reduce the risk of musculoskeletal problems.

“computer workstations need to be competently assessed and legally compliant as a minimum.” -Institution of Occupational Safety and Health, Home Office Report, 2014

Work equipment
Computer Workstations:
Workstations should be assessed and legally compliant. Accessories such as footrests may be necessary – this will be deter-mined by the workstation risk assessment.
If an employee based at home uses a laptop regularly for long periods you need to provide accessories, such as a mouse, key-board, screen (or laptop riser) or docking station.
The specific details should be determined through the workstation assessment, taking account of the user’s needs, space restrictions and how long they spend at the computer.

Lets look at Task Chairs - A seat's just a seat, Right?

How many times have you seen the word ERGONOMICS? It's a word commonly paired with any task chair description however this should not be the go to deciding factor when choosing your chair. Everyone is different hence the wide range of task chairs on the market. A task chair’s purpose is to support productivity. This means that its benefits should be functional, allowing you to accomplish any task more comfortably. 

We have taken the liberty to shorten our top list of home office task chairs.

1) PLUTO PLUS - offers a clean linear aesthetic and user-friendly adjustments to provide the optimum blend of style and functionality required for a comfortable sit throughout the working day. The fully upholstered, high back task chair has a fully synchronized mechanism plus back and arm height adjustment.


2) PLUTO MESH - A mesh back version of PLUTO PLUS but with a body balance mechanism to adjust to the users body weight automatically. This high back mesh task chair has lumbar adjustment.


3) ORTHOPAEDICA - Was built with a contoured seat and backrest; it provides high levels of support during prolonged sitting periods.


4) TONIQUE - Designed with contemporary mesh chair aesthetics and a self-regulating mechanism that auto-balances itself to match you. Anyone can sit on the Tonique and experience the optimal seating comfort for work immediately.


For more advice on how to keep your staff healthy at home and for ergonomic products suitable for home use give us a call or email 




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