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Office Trends 2021

If there ever was a time to refresh office design it is now! Reviewing colours, textures and a full range of new furniture pieces.

We reflect on our experience in 2020, the post-pandemic workspace and begin to carve a new refreshed work environment. We have shared our top workplace trends for 2021…


One of the most prominent office trends in 2021, which is typically reflected through the significant use of natural materials.  We pride ourselves on our innovative designs which are inherently space saving and therefore efficient by nature. For example, the Railway Carriage which makes a dramatic space saving when compared with the efficiency of meeting room space. Our Locker ranges are totally relocatable, as well as efficient by providing minimal storage space for personal belongings. Storage wall can simply be taken down and reconstructed at a new location, avoiding cost and waste produced by discarding existing products to build new ones elsewhere.


Collaboration - no more loneliness

The concept of a collaboration space has never been as important than it is now. Collaboration zones play a significant role in building communication among workers and strengthening company cultures. Consider splitting on large meeting area into multiple collaboration areas, flexibility is key for 2021.


Flexible Workplace

Working space needs to adapt to a more agile way of working. Inspired by the need for a versatile, open working environment, offer combinations for a mix of interchangeable work spaces. Think video conferencing, how private is a standard desk? Consider booths or pods to allow your team to host that important brief online without any distractions. Use a variety of mobile screens to transform an open space. Think writable walls, mobile media units and planters.


Office Wellbeing

Staff returning to work will want to feel reassured that their office is a safe and hygienic environment. They will appreciate changes like increased airflow, and perhaps some UV sterilization, hand sanitizer stations, touchless technology and flexible desk layouts redesigned with appropriate distancing in mind. Consider an open space floor plan to ensure natural light and better airflow throughout each area.

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