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New Workplace Furniture Trends

Pre Covid Office Design focused on light and space - think collaboration and meeting pods... fast forward 12 months.

Post Covid Design the spacious open plan office is still the desired look however for a different reason. Social distancing will be around in office design for some time, maybe forever and so we see an increase in single work stations and innovative product design.

Here are a few of our favourite new products just dropped for 2021...


Play - The Senator Group

Play by The Senator Group

Play is not one single individual product, it's a collection of pieces that work individually or complementary with existing Senator products. At it's core is interconnectivity and versatility designed to empower every user or team to reconfigure their office on demand. The range includes Mobile Desks, Pods, Lockers/Storage, Mobile Media Units and Screens which are available in a full range of vibrant colours and finishes. This range will most definitely create an energetic modern office vibe.


Quarters - Bisley

Quarters by Bisley 

Partnering with British design icon, Anglepoise, Bisley presents Quarters.

A flexible family of sheltered working spaces – lockers and booths crafted for quiet, Quarters brings a sense of peace and belonging to an office environment.
Developed to provide a haven away from the hubbub of a busy workplace, Quarters creates a secluded space for individual focused work, a private place to take a call, or a cosy, comfortable meeting space for creative collaboration.

Uniquely designed with secure personal storage embedded for easy access, Quarters ensures that all your belongings are tucked safely away within the booths while you work.


Milli - Koplus

Milli by Koplus

Tailored for the Millennial needs. A minimalist approach to the workspace acoustic booth, equipped with everything you need and nothing you don’t to focus on work. Milli comes in just two models: sit and stand, offering two natural working position options, and are available only in black or white finish.  The collection is lined with an effective acoustic solution to provide an undisturbed and productive workspace environment. 


Element - Identity Furniture

Element - Identity Furniture

Work & Move is a compact workplace for those mobile workers to focus on episodic tasks. The soft seating pod offers more privacy than a traditional workspace, provides exceedingly comfortable space, with the best framework for working. Work & Move is part of the Element family, using the familiar contemporary minimalistic design. Available in both static and mobile versions for ultimate flexibility applications, with options for bag storage and power. 

If you require more information on any of the products listed above please get in touch with our team; / 028 9045 2864


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