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Why are interior acoustics important?

Understanding the impact of reverberation is key for architects and interior designers to ensure they deliver acoustic comfort across their projects. Interior acoustics is about the airborne sound inside rooms, i.e how it propagates and interacts with the room's surfaces and objects. But it's also about our perception of the room's acoustic properties.

Hard surfaces popular in todays workspaces such as Glass, Concrete and Exposed Brick have little absorption properties, resulting in high levels of reverberation. Acoustic management plays a significant role in how comfortable an interior space can be. The acoustics of a room needs to be treated or regulated for efficient noise control. Did you know that just one nearby conversation can make you 66% less productive

Ok...we all love a little chat between working hours and it's a happy medium however did you know that you’re more likely to slouch when working in a noisy office opposed to a quiet one.  If noise levels in your office are at a constant high it means you may be slouching all through the working day, five days a week.  This increases the risk of musculoskeletal disorders, which can cause pain and discomfort throughout the rest of your life.

We have shared a few of our favourite acoustic solutions below explaining how these can benefit any workspace!

Acoustic Desk Screen Dividers

Acoustic Desk Screen Dividers

Desk screens have become an important element of creating a COVID-secure workplace and our mission is to inject some creativity and colour into a product that has either been forgotten when it comes to design or else replaced with utilitarian perspex, which does nothing for the ambience of the office and even less for the acoustics, not to speak of the environmental impact (they will end up in landfill)!

Acoustic Props - Allermuir Baudot

Acoustic Furniture

Baudot is a beautiful example of where form meets function. Named after Baudot binary code made up of Zeros and Strings, this range has meaning and purpose that is more than meets the eye. As well as making a visual impact on any environment, the range can also be used as an acoustic solution to noisy areas, such as open plan offices, atria and hospitality.

Freestanding and wall mounted products can be specified to achieve a variety of fun yet purposeful looks.

Allermuir Baudot

Acoustic Ceiling Lattices
Acoustic hanging

Our acoustic ceiling lattices offer you the ultimate in creativity and functionality. The variety of designs, shapes and colours provides creative flexibility. Made from 60% recycled PET and Fire Rating EN 13501-1:2007+a1:2009 - B, s1, d0 ASTM E84 -16 - Class A. 

Acoustic Zoning - Lull

Acoustic Dividers

Lull acoustic screens allow designers and architects to define different zones within open-plan spaces allowing people choice and flexibility over where they work, depending on the task and their personality style. The screens can be hung easily to ceilings and act as floating room dividers creating small private areas ideal for focused work or small team collaboration. The exciting range of designs provides an element of visual interest, texture and creativity to office spaces, reduces distraction AND improves concentration and wellbeing.

Acoustic Furniture - Cega

Acoustic Furniture

Totally symmetrical in form and boasting advanced acoustic qualities, Cega comprises of a profile cut tubular construction that features advanced internal heat welded vertical fluted upholstery. Its contoured design has been intentionally developed to reduce peripheral vision and external noise, whilst the open top structure allows for the correct level of ambient light to pass through the system.

Available as a 360 degree swivel unit for enhanced privacy, Cega is the ideal product for the modern working environment where personal touchdown spaces and informal meeting areas are the norm.

Acoustic Ceiling - Baffles

Acoustic Baffles

Breeze acoustic ceiling baffles are an ideal solution for managing reverberation and reducing noise across large open-plan spaces creating a more comfortable acoustic environment. The acoustic ceiling baffles are designed to be suspended vertically and come in a range of shapes, sizes and colours to suit any design and complement client branding, allowing you to transform a ceiling.

For more information on any of our acoustic solutions contact us.


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