Defining space can be more than a room with a door, sometimes to make a space work you need to make it a destination, somewhere people go to get something done. We have observed this as a growing trend in workplace design and felt that using some of the same principles and aesthetics that drove the development of CellPod we could deliver something better. Cabana is a modular demountable system that defines space.

As a modular system you can select what type of wall construction you want, each wall of Cabana can be different if you like. The main extrusions are wrapped in an Oak foil to give a more custom built look. Cabana can be specified with a closed acoustic ceiling with integrated lighting or with a slated upholstered fin ceiling




  • 2x Power Outlets, 2m Cord
  • 1x USB 2-Port Simplex Charger
  • 1x LED Light Panel
  • 1x LED Dimmer Switch
  • 1x PIR Sensor
  • 1x Axial Fan
  • 1x Smoke/Heat Detector
  • 1x Opening Roof Switch (if specified)

1 Harbour View
Heron Road

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