A welcome addition to Senator’s Chemistry range is Chemistry Canopy. Canopy’s soft and open design creates an inviting work area that has the correct balance of privacy, without a feeling of isolation. A complement to Chemistry desking, Canopy’s fabric covered panels with optional tech knit pockets can be used to pin and store inspirational materials. A magnetic dry wipe board both inside and outside makes clever use of the space



Standard Features (*Selected models only)

  • Extruded Aluminium frame
  • Cast Aluminium connector joints
  • Steel stabilising feet
  • Fabric wrapped acoustic panels
  • Magnetic dry wipe panel (dual sided)
  • Luminated light with surface mounted switch
  • Modular retro fitable design

Specifiable Features

  • Single Canopy
  • Double Canopy
  • Back to back Canopy
  • Tech knit Stretch pockets for storage

1 Harbour View
Heron Road

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