Client: Oil Market Journal

Objective: To renovate the company’s boardroom to create a modern, high-tech space that reflects the company’s image and enhances productivity.

Challenges: The existing boardroom was outdated and lacked modern technology, making it difficult for employees to conduct meetings efficiently. Additionally, the space was not very aesthetically pleasing and did not reflect the company’s brand identity.

Solution: The renovation team worked with Oil Market Journal to create a design plan that incorporated the latest technology and modern aesthetics while still aligning with the company’s brand identity. The new boardroom design included the following features:

Raised existing ceiling grid: In doing this we could allow for a new perimeter trim and beautiful custom storage wall finished in walnut.

Sound proofing: New acoustic insultation over the ceiling and suspended acoustic Lull panels to reduce noise and improve acoustics. Lull panel also offer a pop of colour or design.

Window dressing: Soft voiles were installed to soften the space and provide privacy.

Results: The renovated boardroom now serves as a modern, high-end meeting space that reflects Oil Market Journals brand identity and enhances productivity. The updated audio-visual system and soundproofing have made meetings more efficient and productive, and the new furnishings provide a comfortable and flexible environment for various types of meetings and events. Overall, the renovation has been well-received by employees and has helped to enhance the company’s image and productivity.

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