Welcome to whitespace, where we take pride in introducing you to the exquisite world of Pedrali furniture. As a trusted dealer, we provide exclusive access to our clients, offering a gateway to the unparalleled elegance and functionality that define Pedrali.

Originating from Italy, Pedrali is a beacon of excellence in crafting contemporary chairs, tables, furnishings, and lamps tailored for contract interiors. Rooted in a rich heritage of Italian craftsmanship, Pedrali seamlessly merges tradition with innovation, engineering prowess with creative brilliance.


At the heart of Pedrali’s ethos lies the commitment to the “100% Made in Italy” philosophy. Every piece is meticulously manufactured in Italy, blending advanced production techniques with artisanal craftsmanship. The result? Furniture that epitomizes sophistication and durability, setting the standard for excellence in design.

One of the hallmarks of Pedrali’s success is its collaboration with visionary designers, both Italian and international. These partnerships infuse fresh perspectives and innovative ideas into Pedrali’s collections, culminating in products that transcend mere functionality to become timeless works of art. Notably, Pedrali’s dedication to sustainable design underscores its commitment to minimizing environmental impact while prioritizing the well-being and comfort of users.

At whitepace, we believe in creating dream workspaces that inspire productivity and elevate aesthetics. Whether you’re envisioning a chic office setting or a stylish commercial space, Pedrali’s diverse range of furniture offers endless possibilities to transform your environment.

Ready to embark on a journey of design excellence? Reach out to us at info@whitespaceni.com or call us at 028 9045 2864, and let’s bring your vision to life with Pedrali.

Let whitespace and Pedrali be your partners in crafting spaces that reflect your unique style and elevate your everyday experiences. Discover the beauty of Italian craftsmanship with Pedrali, exclusively at whitespace.

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